Morphix Learning Hub


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Morphix Learning Hub – Dental Nursing Academy

NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing

We chose to name our training centre Morphix Education as a unique catchy brand which is a Greek-derived word “to morph” which means to shape, mould or transform. As a vision, we intend to shape dental nurses into excellent professionals of the future. It embodies a form of transformation from basic dental nursing skills into an in-depth understanding of patient-centred care.

Our Morphix Education Centre is dedicated to the provision of information, education and training to aspiring dental nurses. This training school is one of the up-and-coming dental nursing training centres owned and run by dental nurses intended solely for dental nurses. Instruction is well-organised and delivered by some of the best dental nurse trainers in the London area.

It has been the wish of the centre owners to help individuals develop their knowledge and skills in dental care. This centre also prides itself in supporting each individual dental nurse throughout their journey towards qualifying for the NEBDN – National Diploma in Dental Nursing exams.